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December 2nd, RCMI Toronto

"The Harris Legacy" Book Explored

Suffice it to say that many, if not most,

of the fundamental changes implemented during the Harris regime survive and define the Ontario we currently inhabit. It's not an overstatement, based on the evidence accumulated in this collection of essays, to say that... we live in Mike Harris' Ontario today.

An Amazing Review By An All-Star Collection of Policy Experts

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The Conservative Leadership Foundation (The CLF) is a grassroots independant organization that believes in conservatism and that solutions can often be best accomplished through education and training.

Since 1990 that has been our mission.

<p>John Mykytyshyn</p>,

John Mykytyshyn

CLF President and Co-Founder

The importance of excellence in analysis and strategic thinking

"Lessons Learned" Election Reviews are held following key elections. Nowhere else will you find a day of presentations and discussions that critically assess the most recent election in an honest and straightforward way.

This is a unique opportunity to network, reflect, listen and learn from those on the front lines – winners, and those who fell short. Unique to CLF we also include those who think differently or have a different perspective. Most distinctly this has included prominent members of the media and partisans of other political parties.

The last three years have seen an unprecedented opportunity through CLF's Post-Election reviews of two federal campaigns, an Ontario provincial and an Ontario municipal.

The analysis available for participants was second to none and participants had access to the most honest conversations possible.

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You will receive actual knowledge, insight, and perspective from masters of the unique world of Canadian politics. CLF being a conservative movement organization independent from any formal political party structure offers the opportunity for honest and respectful conversations.

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Access to Recorded Sessions

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Practical Classes

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Opportunity to make a difference

Networking, training, mentoring, paying it forward and paying it back. Add to that recruiting top talent and helping elect people who can make a difference and you begin to know what CLF is all about.

​​Participants are raving!

As a candidate of record in this election, I valued the opporunity to come together to explore the election from a variety of perspectives. This was an excellent learning and growth opportunty, which also allowed for providing feedback and asking questions. I look forward to other CLF events.

<p><span class="font-bold">Emily Brown</span></p>, <p>Candidate of Record, Burlington, ON</p>

Emily Brown

Candidate of Record, Burlington, ON

The CLF Lessons Learned event provided access to hard data, informed opinion, and networking conversations with other Conservatives that care about the future of our parties and movement. The eager participation of CPC staff and candidates really sent a strong message to the faithful. It was worth the trip from out west. Great value packed into one Saturday.

<p><span style="color: rgb(51, 62, 72);" ><span class="font-bold">Suzanne Sexton</span></span></p>, <p>Winnipeg, MB</p>

Suzanne Sexton

Winnipeg, MB

The CLF lessons learned need to be shared with all ridings. We are often "Barking up the wrong tree".

<p><span class="font-bold">Peter Coy</span></p>, <p>Belleville, ON</p>

Peter Coy

Belleville, ON

This was the best polling reveal I have seen.

<div class="editor-content"><p><strong>Ian Burke</strong></p></div>, <p>Campbellville, ON</p>

Ian Burke

Campbellville, ON

CLF delivers the leadership skills to members and critical review of Conservative Politics in Canada.


Howard Kennedy

Ottawa, ON

Great place to objectively hear what is really happening behind the scenes.


Philip David


The Nat Campaign panelists ended up being a lot more honest and forthcoming than I thought, which was a very pleasant surprise. I loved getting another peak behind the curtain.

<p><span style="color: rgb(51, 62, 72);" ><span class="font-bold">Simon Audisho</span></span></p>, <p>Flamborough Glanbrook</p>

Simon Audisho

Flamborough Glanbrook

A very professional and informative event. A variety of perspectives contributed to a thorough examination of the topic at hand. I look forward to participating in future events.

<p><span style="color: rgb(51, 62, 72);" ><span class="font-bold">&nbsp;Rachel Joy Enns</span></span></p>, <div class="editor-content"><p>Vernon BC</p></div>

 Rachel Joy Enns

Vernon BC

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