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CLF on CBC documentary

This CBC video captures a weekend youth retreat. CLF is working on a refresh and brand new weekend but requires funds and your support. Please join us to help provide the best training for conservatives available.

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CLF's Unique Programming

CLF is renowned for programming available nowhere else. Historically these amazing political educational experiences were only available in person. CLF will be curating video content from new conferences and adding historical content from the vaults. Now while the intangible parts of in-person events can't be replicated online, the teaching, panels and discussions will form the basis for CLF Online as we explore other potential options to enhance remote learning and bring this knowledge to more members of the conservative movement than ever before.

"Lessons Learned"

CLF hosts a day of presentations and discussions following each significant election. A unique opportunity to network, reflect, listen and learn. The unique recent political cycle has allowed CLF to conduct two federal events as well as in 2022 both Ontario provincial and municipal day events.

Single Subject Full Day Training

CLF goes far beyond the traditional type of training available through political parties by holding day-long training on single topics such as fundraising and communication both of which are planned for 2023.

Weekend "Boot Camp" Retreats

CLF has its roots in training young activists. This tradition will continue as soon as CLF reaches its fundraising efforts successfully.

CLF Online

Become a member of CLF and take full advantage of the growing list of videos that will be added from the future and past events.

"Lessons Learned" Best Election Review in Canada

Learn from those who think like you and potentially even more from those who think differently or have a different perspective. You can watch a few highlights from one of our sessions here before you sign up for your free trial.

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Our Leadership Team

The lead activists directing our Core Committee

John Capobianco

CLF Chair & Co-Founder

John Mykytyshyn

Co-Founder & President

Tamara Kronis


Dan Muys, MP


Leith Coghlin


Stewart Kiff